3D WooCommerce

Do you sell a configurable product? Then you probably have had a lot of customers that cannot imagine what the end product will look like. In the old days we created drawings manually to show what their configuration meant. Sellers of kitchens became craftsmen with their pencils and rulers because it was the only way to get the customer to buy their configured kitchen.

Now what if you could let the customer configure your product online, showing their choices in a 3D model in WooCommerce? Every choice directly shows on screen so the customer can view all possible colors and options in relation with each other. These configurators have been around for a while now, but have been very expensive and therefore only used by large companies like car manufacturers.

But now we have a simple and easy solution. Working on WordPress/WooCommerce with standard plugins. You could do it yourself and don’t even need us! What we can do for you is:

  • Create a viewable and configurable 3D model
  • Create a website / webshop to showcase your product configurator
  • Create a configurable product on your existing website

Just let us know which part you do yourself and which part you’d like us to do for you!

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